The ÉL BEBE Story

Scholars maintain that sometime in the 1500s the earliest tacos were introduced. Using this exact recipe, we decided to create the ÈL BEBE taco…. 🌮

Just kidding, that’s not entirely accurate, we simply decided to build what we always wanted…

Like most people, MHG employees work hard. We love the restaurant business, and we try to create a culture of awesome food with stellar service day in and day out for our brands.

But, when it’s time to punch out, what do we really want to do…?  

If you said “smash tacos and tequila” you’d be right.

ÈL BEBE is a tribute to those that work hard and deserve all the tacos and tequila they can handle. This is a judgment-free taco zone and we applaud the grind as well as the unwind. We built this place for those just like us. We’re here for a great atmosphere to connect and appreciate “unwinding” done right.

So, here’s to you, let’s raise a glass and hold our tacos in the air together. 🍹

The thing about tacos, they really are the perfect food. They can be made clean and healthy, vegan or carnivorous, but always fresh and without all the processed junk. You can be a taco glutton and still use quality ingredients!

Like everything we create, we started by saying “if we’re going to create Mexican street fare, it’s got to be the best.” Big, bold flavors and authentic preparation with a little of our homegrown flavor thrown in the mix to make it our own. 🌶️

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